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The Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, in line with the e-Government Strategy and the Open Data Policy, has implemented the National Open Data portal which houses and provides links to the datasets of Government Agencies in an open format. This initiative empowers citizens and businesses for carrying out data-driven initiatives such as development of mobile apps, data analysis, creation of innovative products and research among others.

By opening up data through the Open Data portal, Government aims to promote:
Transparency – citizens being able to freely access information about what their Government is doing;
Public Service Improvement – giving citizens the raw material to engage and contribute to making public services better as well as improve the quality of decision-making
Innovation – public data, and their re-use, are key resources for social innovation and economic growth where businesses and individuals can develop new tools and value-added services in order to work with, analyse, and make sense of the data.
Efficiency – Governments can come up with smarter and more efficient public services and applications by allowing information to be more easily reused within Government and enabling citizens to help improve data quality.