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Public Infrastructure and Land Transport data

    To ensure all the Government vehicles are properly maintained and the fleet is economically and sustainably managed.
    To provide a modern, safe and efficient land transport system for mobility of people and goods.

    Labour and Employment Data

      We promote decent work, facilitate access to gainful employment and support employers and workers in creating a safe, conflict-free and productive workplace.


        Our vision is to have a society free from violence and discrimination based on sex, where the fundamental rights of women and children are respected and where human values within the family and the civil society are cherished.

        Environment Data

          To achieve a “cleaner, greener and safer Mauritius” in a sustainable manner, through protection and management of our environmental assets, mainstreaming sustainable development principles in different sectors of the economy, solid and hazardous w

          Census Data

            Population Census carried out by Statistics Mauritius

            Health and Sports Data

              Transform existing health services into a modern high performing quality health system that is patient centered, accessible, equitable, efficient and innovative